In a world where people believe truth is constantly redefined, it is easy to fall for the lie that there is no absolute. It's takes no effort to let the current whims, the public opinion waves, and the easy road guide us wherever they may. 

Now more than ever, we have to fight the temptation to just go with the flow. Proverbs 11:3 says the integrity of the upright will guide them. To impact the lives of the people around us, we much choose integrity and let it be our compass and our guide. 

I couldn't think of anyone better to join me and talk about this subject than my good friend, Pastor Charles Nieman. Pastor Charles is a man of integrity, and his life is an example how to live and thrive with foundational, absolute truth. I have learned so much from Pastor Charles, and I am delighted to share him with you for a few minutes today. Please click play below to listen to this week's audio blog on Integrity.

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This month our focus is the importance of integrity. If you want to be great and be successful, integrity is a trait you must have, and this trait has to be of the utmost importance in your life. Every great leader will rise or fall based on their integrity.

It's my job as a coach to encourage you and to help make your success simple. Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy. It also doesn't mean you won't have to fight for it, but I am here to stand with you.

I want to help you this month to realize the importance of integrity and the vital part it plays in your life. I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch the video below as we begin our discussion.

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No one plays this game or any game perfectly. It’s the guy who recovers from his mistakes who wins.

All my life, I have been struck by the countless similarities between sports and life. Both sports and life require know-how, both demand talent and skill, and both can lead to glorious and fulfilling victories. However, sports and life are marked with obstacles and setbacks too, with mistakes and with crushing defeats. They are each marked with opposition, competition, and failure. And they offer us challenges, as well as opportunities to correct our mistakes and to rise above our failures. In athletic competition, there is always the next game or the next season. In a basketball game, there is always the chance to rebound a missed shot. And in life, we must create the same opportunities to turn failures into successes. We must keep “pounding the boards.”

Where Does Integrity Rank For You?

In a recent survey conducted by Team Technology, a business resource firm in Great Britain, 4000 people were asked, “What qualities in a leader would make you want to follow him or her?” Of the top five answers, four of them dealt with qualities that are acquired through education or life’s experience. These include confidence, knowledge, intelligence, and ability. But the quality that stood at the top of this list was the quality of honesty.

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