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Embracing the principles in Mindset Matters Coaching Program will cause you to: Live an exceptional life, do extraordinary things, achieve your goals, leave your mark on the world!

Follow Dr. Dave’s formula for success, and you’ll eventually find yourself doing the things that others only dream about doing and going places where others can only dream about going.

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Based on the best-selling book, Another Shot, this plan is designed to take an average of 10 minutes per day, and when you complete the Game Plan, you will have a personalized, written plan for moving forward into a life of significance and success.

Do you need to get into the Championship Game of life? This plan is for you.

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With the Make That Break That Coaching System, you will discover God’s plan for your habitual nature, learn how to make habits work for you, recognize your habits of mediocrity and implement a plan to make great habits permanent!

Break off the bad habits and make new ones that will lead you to experience personal growth with the Make That Break That Coaching System!

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With the Keys To Your Miracle Coaching System you will learn how to invite the divine touch of God in your life.

You may need a financial miracle, a healing miracle, a family miracle, or a marriage miracle. In this coaching program, you will learn eight powerful principles to build your faith and unlock the door to many miracles in your future.

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In this Personal Coaching System, designed and taught by Dr. Dave Martin, you will discover the amazing secrets of successful people from all walks of life.

By using illustrations from his own life and outlining specific actions for you, Dr. Dave will be your personal coach and will show you how to become successful in your ministry, your business and your life.

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The Force of Favor Coaching System will help you discover strategic keys to unlock incredible, God-given favor in your life.

This series will teach you the source of favor and seven ways to increase favor in your personal journey. Along with many other vital principles, you will learn favor is a reward, a lifestyle and will always bring you to the top. Get ready to receive an outpouring of favor!

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Dr. Dave Martin's Success Made Simple Personal Growth System is a comprehensive system incorporating 6 of his top coaching programs!

This program will provide you with a game plan for your life, help you achieve your dreams and goals, change your habits, and more!

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The Millionaire Mentality will help you decide how much you want to priortize wealth-making in your life.

This program is equally valuable if you are struggling with debts, discontented with your life, or merely wanting to become wealthier and not sure how. It is time to think yourself rich. After that, it's up to you to put these powerful and exciting lessons to work in your day to day life!

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