I want to declare this is a year of Unlimited Possibilities. When a woman is pregnant, for the first few months, she doesn't look any different. She's the same size, wears the same clothes, and has the same amount of energy. From the outside, there's no sign that she's going to have a baby, and if you just look at her naturally, you could think, "You're not pregnant, there's nothing different about you". 

But, what you can’t see is that conception has indeed occurred. In a few months, she'll start showing, gaining more weight and will soon feel something kicking. She will not have seen the baby in person and will not have held that baby. But, she's not worried; she knows the baby is on the way. At the right time, she'll give birth. 

In the same way, you may not realize it, but you are pregnant. God has placed potential in you - gifts, talents, ideas. He's placed dreams, business ideas, books, songs, healing, freedom within you. You are pregnant with possibility, pregnant with increase, pregnant with healing. Just because you don't see anything happening doesn't mean it's not going to come to pass. That seed God put in you has already taken root; conception has occurred.

Like this woman, you may not see any sign of it for some time, but don't worry, your time is coming. You could easily be discouraged, but you can feel something kicking on the inside. Perhaps your dream looks impossible. You tried and it didn't work out. But deep down, something keeps kicking, telling you that it's on the way, that there is still potential. Your attitude should be one of expectation. What God started, He will finish.

You may be struggling with an illness. Instead of accepting it, thinking that's the way it's always going to be, keep reminding yourself that you already have conceived. The healing is already in you. It's just a matter of time before you give birth. Nothing can snatch you out of God's hands.

No weapon formed against you will prosper. Deep down, you can feel something stirring in your spirit. Can I tell you I am looking at pregnant people today? Quit telling yourself that you could never get ahead, you don't have enough of this, enough of that. No, you are pregnant with success, pregnant with ideas, pregnant with your destiny. You are pregnant with freedom and wholeness. You're going to give birth to what God put in you. It's not too late, you haven't missed your chance. We serve a supernatural God. He can make a way when we don't see a way. You can still give birth. You can still meet the right person, still start your business, still go to college, still break the addiction. That seed is still alive in you. 

You may look around and think, "I don't know anyone that's gotten out of my neighborhood and done something significant. I don't know anyone that's overcome the illness I'm dealing with. Nobody in my family has been able to break these addictions." The good news is, you can be the first. You can set the new standard. You can be the barrier breaker. You have greatness in you. 

The prophet Joel said to wake up the mighty men, wake up the mighty women. I'm here to wake up your dreams, wake up your talents, wake up your potential, wake up what God put in you. You may have let some circumstances convince you that it's never going to happen, but I believe you're going to start feeling some kicking on the inside. That baby, that dream, that promise - it's still alive in you. You better get ready, you're going to give birth to something that's going to take you further than you could ever imagine. It's going to thrust you to a new level of your destiny. 

Too often, we're looking for something from the outside to help us overcome, but God has put it on the inside. If you give birth to that dream, your gift will make room for you. If you dare to believe that you have what it takes, go out each day with expectancy, knowing that you're pregnant with purpose and potential. Then, you will give birth to what God put on the inside of you. Paul said it this way in Ephesians, "God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think according to the power that works in you". It's not according to the power that works in your neighbor, your cousin, your pastor, or your friend. The power is working in you. 

Well, you say, "Dave, I believe I'm pregnant. I have big dreams, I'm standing on God's promises, but everything is coming against me. Seems like the more I pray, the worse it gets. I'm doing the right thing, but the wrong thing is happening". Here's the beauty. Pain is a sign that you're about to give birth. Trouble, difficulties, being uncomfortable, that's a sign that you're getting closer. In an actual pregnancy, the closer a woman gets to the birth, the more painful it is. 

When everything comes against you, don't get discouraged, you're about to give birth. You're about to see a promise come to pass. In the tough times, many people abort their dreams, thinking, "I knew it wouldn't work out”. No, recognize those are labor pains. You're getting closer. Stay in faith, keep doing the right thing. That difficulty you're facing, it's not the end, it's a part of the birthing process. You're about to step into a new level of your destiny. Don't be discouraged by the disappointment, the closed door, the bad break. That's a sign you're about to give birth.

Keep trying, keep believing, keep doing everything you can, and at the right time, the right connections will be made and the right opportunities will present themselves. You couldn't make it happen on your own. It is the hand of God, and what He's put in you is going to be bigger than you can imagine, better than you've ever dreamed, more rewarding than you thought possible. 

Now, do your part. Get your hopes up. Every morning, remind yourself you are pregnant, not with rejection, failure, disappointments, or defeat but with victory, success, and the favor of God. You may have had some bad breaks, but you are not going to live your life barren. God has the final say, and He says a birth is coming. What He's promised is on the way. Keep honoring Him, keep doing your best, and I believe and declare you will give birth to everything God put in you and become everything God created you to be in Jesus' name.

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