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Dave Martin, America’s #1 Christian Success Coach, is a coach, pastor, mentor, inspirational speaker, and business leader with a mission to communicate the biblical principles of success. Coach Dave is known around the world for his ability to resonate with his audience, providing insights and wisdom that are life changing. Dave shares timeless truths, wrapped in humor and delivered with passion, teaching people how to pursue and possess a life of fulfillment and success.

In addition to speaking regularly in corporations, colleges and churches, Dave is a keynote speaker at the Get Motivated Seminars, America's Largest Business Seminars. He is Lead Pastor of Motor City Church, with locations in Michigan and Kentucky, and serves on the board of Joel Osteen's Champion's Network.

Dave is the author of several best-selling books including The 12 Traits of the Greats, The Force of Favor, and Another Shot. Thousands have invested in his personal coaching systems and development programs. Over 1 million listeners in 80+ countries participate in Dr Dave’s Award-Winning Forbes Top 10 Podcast called Success Made Simple.

He is founder and president of Dave Martin International which champions principle-based coaching by connecting, encouraging and investing in business leaders, pastors, entrepreneurs and anyone desiring a life of more. This thriving organization is based in Troy, MI which is home to Dave, his wife Christine, and their son Solomon.

Joel Osteen

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Leader
"Dr Dave Martin is one of the world's greatest communicators. He has the ability to share deep insights and profound knowledge all while making us laugh. If you put into practice the leadership principles he shares, they will ultimately change the trajectory of your life and your business."

John Maxwell

7-Time NBA Allstar
“I highly recommend letting Dave Martin be your coach. He will teach you to win in life.”

Grant Hill

7-Time NBA Allstar
“I highly recommend letting Dave Martin be your coach. He will teach you to win in life.”

Nido Qubein

President, High Point University
“Dave Martin is an outstanding speaker, inspiring author, and impactful coach. His work impacts millions around the world!”

Brian Houston

Global Leader
"Dr Dave Martin is an incredible leader"

Dr. Myles Munroe

BFM International, ITWLA, Nassau, Bahamas
"Dave's approach awakens in the reader the untapped inhibitors that retard our personal development and his anecdotes empower us to rise above these self-defeating, self-limiting factors to a life of exploits in spiritual and mental advancement."

Marc Mero

Former WWE Superstar
"Making Dave's foundational principles a part of your daily habits - and taking action steps that lead to success - will catapult you to greatness beyond your imagination!"

Steven Furtick

Lead Pastor, Elevation Church
"With his incredible insight, Dr. Dave shows us that greatness isn't just something to be admired in others. It's something to be attained for ourselves."

Israel Houghton

Grammy Award Winner
"Dr. Dave Martin is an amazing walking testament of the extravagant favor of God. I've seen God increase him in quantum ways over the last decade that I've been blessed to call him friend."

Pat Williams

Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic
"I love the game of basketball, and I am thrilled that Dave uses this great game to coach life success."

Rob Yanok

Pastor, GraceTown Church, Columbus, Ohio
" My good friend, Dave Martin, inspires and gives us hope that no matter what difficulty may come into our lives, there are principles and strategies that, when applied, give us the ability to rebound in life, career, family, and finances."

A coach doesn't change your life...
You do.

As a coach, my job is to help you reach your goals faster, but I can't acheive them for you. My job is to give you the techniques and inspiration to get back in the game, but only you can take another shot.
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