The Fear Factor

Many of you have heard the question, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” But have you ever really thought that through? What would you do? What dream do you have that you would ‘go for’ if you absolutely knew that you would make it?

Now, let’s talk about what is holding you back. As a coach, I have to get to the root of the problem. The issue here is not that you can’t, it’s that you won’t. Is that right? And why won’t you try? Why won’t you step out? I have found that the most common reason across the board is simply fear - fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of what people will say, or fear of being hurt.

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Seize The Day Devotional on YouVersion

How can you have a successful, fulfilled life? You must have successful years and before that, thriving months made up of winning weeks. Ultimately, the way to have a wonderful life is to have fulfilled days. How do you have those days?

Three words – SEIZE THE DAY!

Dr. Dave Martin’s new three-day plan provides three ways to own your day and gives practical tips to build a successful, fulfilled life. You can download Dr. Dave’s featured Bible Plan on the YouVersion Bible app.

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Success Deconstructed

Have you noticed the trend in deconstructed food lately? It is…interesting, to say the least! (Google ‘deconstructed food,’ if you have missed out so far.) Some of you may find this idea rather fun, but I must say that if I order a burger or sushi or a dessert, I’d like it to come fully constructed, completely put together, and ready to eat!

What does it mean to ‘deconstruct’ something, anyway? Basically, it is to take it apart and look at the pieces and parts that make up the whole. So, while I enjoy an apple pie, all put together and topped with ice cream, sometimes I do find it enlightening to look at the various ingredients or the components of an idea. Today, I’d like to look at SUCCESS and let’s deconstruct this idea for a few minutes. When we do, I believe we will have a better understanding of what makes up success and we will know what success looks like to us individually.

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It All Starts In Your Head

God gave you two ends, one to sit on and one to think with. Success depends on which one you use.  Heads you win, tails you lose. If you want to be a winner, get off your tail and use your head.

I would like to help you change your thinking today. If we can change your thinking, we can change your life. That’s what the Success Made Simple podcast is about - teaching you secrets and principles that will help you to win in life.  Believe you can and you can. Not only you CAN, but you WILL. If you listen to what I’m telling you -  the priceless wisdom, values, understanding, and teaching that I’m going to share with you - I believe you’ll develop the mindset of a winner. You’ll learn how to mind your head, because successful people think differently than unsuccessful people.

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The Magic Words

I speak several languages…American, English, Canadian, some Australian…but whenever I am visiting a non-English speaking country, there is one phrase that I always learn…THANK YOU! Merci, Gracias, Arigato, Danke, Tiramisu!

I have discovered that this one expression alone will work wonders. It will open doors. It will establish relationships. It will be the starter thread that creates a blanket of affection and trust. Learn the power of the word THANKS.

Rudyard Kipling was one of those authors who was very successful in his lifetime. A British newspaper criticized him, ridiculed him and called him a mercenary. They said, “He is now writing just for the money. One word of Kipling today is worth a hundred dollars.”

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Time Flies And You Are The Pilot

This past week, all around the world we paused to pay tribute to the life of Billy Graham, considered by many to be the most influential preacher of the 20th century. Billy Graham was a wise and dedicated man who was solely committed to spreading the gospel across the globe. He has been quoted often, and in many situations, and today, I’d like to once again use Billy Graham’s words as we discuss our Mindset and how we view the ‘every days’ of life. Life is not just about the ‘big’ things, although those are the most visible. Rather, it is the ‘every days’ that make us who we are, so that when those large, defining situations arise, we are ready to handle them because we have prepared every day.

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Why Winners Win

For the past week and a half - all around the world - we have been united in watching the 2018 Olympics. We are amazed by the ski jumping. We are thrilled with the figure skaters, and we cheer for the bobsled teams. We collectively celebrate the almost 3,000 athletes competing in the Winter Games, and we are always in awe at the incredible feats they can accomplish.

Did you ever want to be an Olympian? Did you dream of what you would do with the whole world watching? What does it take to be at that level of achievement?

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