Our podcast and blog guest today is my good friend, Simon T. Bailey. Simon has worked as an executive of many companies including Disney, and he currently does consulting for Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon, Subway, and Gatorade.

Simon is a hospitality guru and is all about positive customer interaction. He believes that positive interactions and relationships help to build a culture of trust and respect with your customers. This culture then helps you to build a thriving business with a loyal customer base.

Simon challenges people to shift their thinking and create their future. He believes everyone can be brilliant. Simon says, “As a leader and a business owner or manager, your most important asset is always people.”

In our conversation, I asked Simon several questions about branding, customer service, and even faith in the workplace. His answers are brilliant.

Dave: What is branding?
Simon: Branding is not a product or a service. Branding is an emotional connection, a perception, a moment, and a memory. So every single day, you are a brand and you are creating a moment.

Dave: But what if you are not the boss? How do you brand yourself?
Simon: Go to your boss and say, “What is it that I can take off your plate that you don’t like to do? How can I help you be more successful?” That’s how you brand the moment.

Dave: What is one good customer service tip?
Simon: Customer service is really common sense, but common sense isn’t really common practice. The people that get customer service right, do it right every single day. They do the consistent, little things the right way every time.

Dave: How can a business person or someone in the corporate arena bring their faith to the workplace?
Simon: Start with these three areas of understanding:
1. When people interact with you, you are God present to them.
2. Consider going above and beyond, and give a little something extra for nothing.
3. Your attitude shows there is something different about you. When people are around you, they feel better than they did before they were in your presence.
Be the best at what you do! Be the SME (Subject Matter Expert), and people will notice the difference.

Dave: If you had 60 seconds to live, what do you want people to know and remember about

  • I aspire to inspire before I expire!
  • I would want my son and daughter to know that I love them, I believe in them, and I
  • want them to go further than I have ever gone.
  • I would want everyone who has ever been impacted by my work to say that I hugged them with my words!

Shift Your Brilliance is Simon’s book about the new mindset for our new economy. In this age, you must become divergent in your thinking. You have to have the mindset of creating the future instead of waiting for it to be created for you.

To hear more wisdom from Simon Bailey, listen to this week’s podcast, Dave Martin’s Success Made Simple. If you'd like more information on Simon or his book Shift Your Brilliance, visit his
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