Are you overwhelmed with concerns about money? Today’s blog and podcast guest, David Crank, can help you. David is a speaker, author, pastor, world-changer, and a great friend with a special gift for helping people in financial distress. Recently, we had a conversation about David’s latest book, Solving Your Money Problems, and discussed a few practical ways to save money and to get out of debt.

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David Crank: Sometimes money problems become overwhelming. I wrote the book Solving Your Money Problems to teach people who have more month than money how to engage in practical budgeting processes that will help them.

One of the first things people sometimes do is cut up their credit card. I tell them to hold the credit card, because emergencies will happen, but to be wise in their spending. For instance, don’t go to Starbucks and spend $5. Put that money back. In one work week, you will have $25. In a month, $100, and who wouldn’t want a $1,200 cash gift each year? Stop going to Starbucks and spending money that you don’t have to impress people that you don’t like.

In my new book, I set out a strategy and a roadmap for people to get out of debt and show them how to pay off their credit cards. I also talk to people who are out of debt and who have their finances in order. I teach them about flying free and staying free. My family does this by using credit card points. If you have a business or organization, you can do what we do. We put all expenses on a credit card, pay off everything at the end of each month so we don’t lose any interest money, and then we use those points to travel. It really becomes an extension of your paycheck. I’m not against credit. I’m against credit that is not properly used.

Dr. Dave: That is the key. I always say that debt is just a monument to your impatience. It is proof you wanted something you have not earned yet. Just take your time.

I love the principle of the Starbucks savings. Years ago, I started saving every $5 bill. When I got a $5 bill, I would save it, and by doing that, I have put thousands away for my son’s college. It’s the simple steps.

In this book, do you have a lot of those simple ideas to help people?

David Crank: Yes, we have a lot of simple practices. I look at debt as the acronym, Doing Everything But Thinking. We buy things that make us feel good, even things that we don’t or can’t even use at the moment. This is not thinking clearly about the purchase.

Maybe you are reading this today and you think that you are so deeply in debt there is no help, and you are depressed. Listen, you didn’t get in debt overnight, and you won’t get out overnight. But you can solve your money problems by instituting some practical principles now that set you up for success later.

Credit, if used properly, can be very beneficial. When I was growing up my dad taught me several money principles that are critical to gaining wealth. He showed me how to reduce a 30 year mortgage to 15 years by simply paying an extra principle payment. And he always said, “Protect your credit at all cost.” I have always been careful with my credit, and in the crash of ’08, I was able to buy two buildings at a fraction of their cost, because I had good credit, and other people had no money. Many people needing to solve their money problems think, “I wish something like that would happen to me.” Let me tell you, to get to the big opportunities, you have to start with what you can do today. What will you do today to make yourself better?

Dr. Dave: In that down market, a lot of people became millionaires because they had solved their
money problems before the crisis occurred. Then, in the down market, they had the cash and credit to take advantage of opportunities.

David Crank: I believe that same crash is going to happen again, except on a larger scale. So I say start preparing right not—not out of fear, but in preparation for something big you want to have happen in your life. I believe if you start today, and say, “ I want to do what I can do with what I have”, then God will put his ‘super’ on your ‘natural’ and that’s what I share in this book, Solving Your Money Problems.

One other thing I see happening right now is that people will not release money to help you if you are making unwise choices. But when you start making these practical moves to solve your money problems, many times family members will help you move toward financial freedom.

Dr. Dave: Is there good debt and bad debt?

David Crank: Absolutely. Good debt is debt that generates income and has value. Borrowing can move you forward if it is done wisely.

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