Dr. Dave Martin interviews Dr. Nido Qubein.

At the National Speakers Association annual meeting, I had the privilege of having lunch with Dr. Nido Qubein, President of High Point University. Dr. Qubein is a brilliant man, and one of the greats. (Be sure to listen to this week’s podcast for his story of coming to America alone at age 17.) Dr. Qubein has become a highly successful and eminently respected leader, and today, I want to pass along a few principles he shared with me during our thought provoking lunch.

Principles from the life of Nido Qubein, President of High Point University:

  • Life does not work out exactly the way we want it to work out. However, often after adversity,
  • comes abundance.
  • If you want to be a great person you must walk hand in hand and side by side with great people.
  • Who you spent time with is who you become.
  • How you change is how you succeed.
  • If you want to get something out of life, you have to put something into life.
  • You can’t just take the fruit of the tree; you have to plant the seed in the ground first.
  • When you have purpose in your life, you will have energy.
    When you have energy, you can take action.
    When you take action, you can have results.
    When you have results, you will have success.
    When you have success, you can have significance, doing good things in the world around you.
    When you have significance, you can have true joy, happiness, and fulfillment.
    And then the cycle starts all over again.
  • You are born to succeed.
  • Every step you take forward helps you learn new things.
  • The secret to life:
    There is a difference between making a decision and making a commitment. Decisions can be made easily, because decisions are made with the brain. You think through it, you reason it out, and you decide which way to proceed. But commitments are different. You make a commitment with your heart. Commitments are longer lasting. Commitments are harder to break. Commitment produce better results in life. Life is learning to shift from making decisions, which are transactional, to making commitments, which are transformational.
  • Figure out as quickly as you can, as efficiently and effectively as you can, the methodology to get what you want out of life without having to give up what you most want to keep in your life.

To read more of the principles of Nido Qubein, get his book, Stairway to Success, The Complete Blueprint for Personal and Professional Achievement.

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