Happy Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving is about remembering.

When you look back over your life, some of the things you faced at the time you didn't think you could make it through. The obstacle was so large, the break up hurt you so badly, the medical report was so negative you didn't see a way but you made it through. You had help, you had unexpected strength, you prevailed.

When you're in a tough time, you don't see a way out, instead of being discouraged, negative, you can go back and remember how your health turned around. Remember how you were able to launch that business in an unexpected season or with unexpected support. Remember how you got out of trouble when there seemed to be no way.

If you're going to overcome your current obstacles, if you're going to reach your highest potential, you have to learn to just remember. When you're constantly thinking about the good that has happened over the years, how you’ve been protected and vindicated, an attitude of thanksgiving and expectancy that leads to more great things rises up from within. On a regular basis, we should go back over the major victories in our life. Remember the day you met your spouse or your children were born. Remember how you got that job or had a near miss with a job you are glad you didn’t get! Develop this habit of remembering and being thankful.

Thankfulness positions us so we don't take things for granted. Then it's easy to be grateful. It's easy to serve, to give, to help others. You realize where you are in life is because of providential mercies and grace.

I don’t believe in luck. I don't believe you just keep beating the odds. It's the mercies of God. In fact, the reason you're still here, the reason that truck couldn't run over you, the reason that partner didn’t destroy you, the reason that co-worker couldn’t take you out is because you have a destiny to fulfill. You have purpose.

We have daily victories – some small and some large. Some are seemingly inconsequential and some are life changing.  Know that your destiny includes life-changing, celebration-worthy events and victories. Look for new opportunities and remember the ones you have experienced already.

Hang them on your wall, so to speak. When people enter your space, you have something to point at. It's worthy of celebration. Each of us can look back and see times where God did something unusual.

Maybe you shouldn't be living in that house that you're in. You didn't have the funds, but things fell into place. Perhaps you struggled with an addiction. You were off course but today you're healthy, you're clean, you're free, you're being a blessing to others. You don't have to go look for a miracle; you are a miracle. When you need to be encouraged, just go look at yourself in the mirror. You shouldn't be where you are.

Now here's the key. Don't let what once was a miracle become ordinary. Don't lose the awe of what God has done in your life. Let people see your thankfulness.

When you constantly think about what God has done, you relive your miracles, you're always in awe of his goodness and you are putting yourself in position for God to do something even more amazing. Get ready for favor that you haven't seen, opportunity, influence, and promotion that are around the corner. Watch for the extraordinary, something impressive, a new level coming your way.

There is an account in the Bible that I love. Jesus’ disciples were on a boat. They had just seen Jesus take five loaves of bread and two fish and multiply them into enough food to feed over 5,000 people. At the end of that day, he instructed his disciples to gather up the leftovers, get in the boat and cross to the other side. It was the middle of the night, the waves were huge and the wind overwhelming. The disciples were concerned for their safety when they saw Jesus walking on the water. At first they thought he was a ghost. They finally recognized him, invited him into their boat and when he climbed in, the winds and waves calmed down immediately.

They were relieved that they were okay. But the scripture gives us insight into why they were so worried. It says, "They didn't consider the miracle of the loaves". They were stressed out, wondering if they were going to make it to the other side, when earlier that day they had seen with their own eyes one of the greatest miracles ever recorded. If they had remembered what God did, if they had just considered the miracle they had witnessed earlier in the day, their faith would not have wavered and they would've known they would be taken care of, that everything was going to be okay. What's interesting is they were obedient. They did what Jesus told them to do. They were faithful. Where they missed it was they forgot to remember.

What are you focused on? Are you letting your circumstances, a medical report, a financial situation, a business challenge, cause you to live worried and stressed out? Start remembering. Look back over your life and remember, be thankful, allow your mind to be renewed by the attitude of gratitude and get ready. Something new is coming your way!


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