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Get Motivated Special

Get all 3 of my newest books, Another Shot, Force of Favor, and 12 Traits of The Greats for only $30.

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Millionaire Mentality Download

God Wants You Rich...Who Elses Permission Do You Need! By investing in this program you are investing in yourself and you will take the first step on the road to thinking yourself rich. 

This program will help you decide how much you want to priortize wealth-making in your life and what changes to your lifestyle you are willing to make to think yourself rich. This program will be equally valuable if you are struggling with debts, discontented with your life, or merely wanting to become wealthier and not sure how. It is time to think yourself rich.

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package special

Millionaire Mentality 10 Disc set with Workbook

Creating the Ultimate Life 20 Disc set with Workbook

Force of Favor Book

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The Force of Favor & Live at Lakewood

The Force of Favor (Book)

Hope & Humor (DVD)