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Another Shot is for anyone who has failed to reach a goal or dream the first time around.  It is written for people needing encouragement or seeking practical advice on how to rebound in life.  Do you need to get back into the championship game of life? This is your turnaround book!

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12 traits of the greats

Dr. Dave Martin, America's #1 Christian Success Coach, shows you the most effective traits, strategies, and techniques of great performers whether on the sports field, the battlefield, or in the field of business.  The profound insights and time-less wisdom on subjects such as focus, passion, decision making, visualization, integrity, and much more will lead you to success in your career or in the your personal life. These principles can get you all the success and happiness you could ever imagine, while eliminating years of struggle and wasted effort. 


12 traits of The Great - Interactive Workbook

Let Dr. Dave coach you in the traits he has discovered in the lives of the greats that have let him to success in business, ministry, and life. Dr. Dave shows how each trait can be traced back to the greatest success book ever written, the Bible. Through stories, examples, and scripture, Dr Dave Martin reveals time-tested biblical principles that will set you on the path to success spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.


12 Traits of the Greats - Personal Coaching System - Digital USB

This is the USB version
Ideal for use on Tablets & Smart Phones (Apple & Droid Compatible)
12 Audio Sessions
12 Video Session
Ebook of The 12 Traits of the Greats Book
& Digital Workbook

This Personal Coaching System provides specialized instructions for each trait, reinforcing and expanding on what you have learned in the 12 Traits of the Greats book and workbook. 

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the force of favor (new edition)

In the pages of this powerful book, you will discover strategic keys to unlock incredible, God-given favor in your life. You may need favor on your job, with your spouse, with your child, in your finances or in your health. This book will teach you the source of favor and seven ways to increase favor in your personal journey.  Get ready to receive and outpouring of favor.



You are a miracle. The very fact that you are breathing right now is a miracle. Your body is a miracle. Miracles are happening all around you. The dictionary says a miracle is an event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws. We serve a God of Miracles. I think of a miracle as the supernatural intervention of God in the problems of your life.


Adaptability eBook

Life is about change and the ability to be adaptable will, in a large part, determine your success. The message remains, but the method changes. Modify, adjust and acclimate to stay relevant, significant, and effective. Become more competent and competitive by incorporating the principles of ADAPTAILITY outlined in this book.


courage eBook

“I am convinced that the greatest obstacle to success is fear – fear of criticism and the fear of failure.” Overcoming the mental stronghold of fear has cleared the path to success for many great achievers. Discover the keys to a life of spirit and daring in this book on COURAGE and learn the roles of fortitude and mettle in your quest for significance.


focus eBook

Focus equals direction, and failure is often the result of broken focus. When a person is focused on something that truly stirs his soul, he simply cannot think about anything else. Examine the advantages and attributes of a focused life in this book on the essential trait of FOCUS.


Generosity eBook

We are blessed to be a blessing. Giving and giving back is rewarding and is the catalyst for increased abundance in life. We are at our best when giving to others. The principle of giving and the benefits of having the mindset of generosity are explored in the book GENEROSITY. The greats give. Be great.


Imagination eBook

Great achievements begin with great dreams and great dreams are the result of creative imagination. Imagination is more that whimsy, it is essential for invention, for production, and for the generation of greatness. Increase your imagination and you will increase your potential. Learn how to accomplish this in the book of IMAGINATION.


Integrity eBook

Doing the right thing no matter the situation or the circumstances is the summation of character. Integrity is determined by character. Without integrity, leadership at any level becomes mere management. This book on INTEGRITY will both challenge and inspire you to become a person of integrity and to seek out that trait in those you follow and lead.

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Passion eBook

“In life you are going to have to risk looking like a fool to free yourself from the web of mediocrity that ensnares the average person.” Expand your understanding of passion and see the reason passion is one of the dominant driving forces behind successful people in this book on the great trait of PASSION.


Persistence eBook

The ability to continue in the face of adversity has been the determining factor in the success of many winners in life. To stay the course, to keep on keeping on, and to never give up is a rare trait. Many people know it, but rare few actually integrate this trait into their lives. Explore this critical quality in the book PERSISTENCE, and prepare yourself to hold fast to this necessary attribute.


Relationships eBook

Success is not achieved alone. Success is not even fully enjoyed alone. Our relationships both define us and develop us, and our lives are incomplete without others. It is vital that we all have people who recognize our capabilities and who believe in us. Thriving relationships define great achievers. Reinforce this trait with a study of the value others bring to our lives in this book on RELATIONSHIPS.


Responsibility eBook

You are responsible for you, and to become successful, you must stop blaming other people and look to yourself for who you are and who you will become. Explore this foundational trait in the book RESPONSIILITY and be challenged to become accountable for your own circumstances and actions.


Wisdom eBook

Wisdom is the principle thing. Wisdom is much more than knowledge of facts; it is the astute application of knowledge and is an essential trait of successful people. “If you want tomorrow to be different than today, you have to learn something today to make tomorrow different.” Read this book on WISDOM, and learn both the principles of wisdom and how to translate those traits into a life of intentional purpose and success.

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Mindset eBook

Change your thinking and change your life. Your mindset is the single most important factor in your happiness and success in life. In this book on MINDSET, you will discover why aligning your thinking with your purpose and goals is critical to your progress and how to manage your mind for ultimate success.