Dave Martin International is a champion of consistent generosity. We know that the world of the generous gets larger and larger, and we are intentional about giving to valuable causes. DMI teams up with organizations worldwide that are making a huge impact in tangible ways. Read below to learn more about the causes we sponsor, and partner with us today. Together we are eternally changing lives.

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As you have heard me say many times, we are blessed to be a blessing. A significant life changing ministry is the work we are a part of in Uganda.

I visited Uganda with my family in April, and our hearts were touched by the overwhelming need and by the difference a few dollars can make. The specific ministry that DMI is supporting is a program called “STAY IN SCHOOL”. This ministry provides feminine hygiene products to the girls. Without these items, the girls are forced to stay home from school each month during their cycle. After two or three months of missing school during this time, they are so far behind that many drop out of school. When this happens, as has happened in the past, the girls now have no education or way of making a living. At this point their parents tell them they have no future so they need to find a man to take care of them, which leaves them prey to prostitution, human trafficking, abuse, and teen pregnancy-all because they did not have the feminine products they needed to "STAY IN SCHOOL". 

We were so moved by the plight of these girls that we committed to be a significant source of funding for this program.

Many of you have prepared or are preparing for your children to go back to school. While you are shopping for back to school needs, please take a moment to help this very special group of girls in Uganda. Will you become a young girl’s miracle? 

Your gift is the miracle these girls must have to help them create the future they dream of. For only $75 you can CHANGE A LIFE, restore a young girl’s dignity, and keep her in school for the next year. Please STOP RIGHT NOW and help us help others.

Click the button below to donate and MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and when you do I would like to send you my brand new book, "MIRACLES" as my gift of appreciation.

  • 1 GIRL = $75
  • 5 GIRLS = $375
  • 10 GIRLS = $750
  • 1 ENTIRE SCHOOL = $5,400

Thank you for being a part of the solution.


making a difference at home

Your generous contributions make it possible for Dave Martin International to contribute to churches around the United States.




Vision Rescue is a non-profit, registered charity involved in feeding, providing non formal education, medical help, skill training and other kinds of help to addicted and abused street children.

Biju Thampy founded the ministry in 2004 after seeing the enormous need and feeling compelled to step in and make a difference even if it was only for one child.

Vision Rescue now run four buses in Mumbai where children are given food and a non-formal education with the aim of graduating into vocational training, as well a medical van and a mobile dental unit. Their work has expanded out beyond helping the street children to include working with Mumbai’s prostitutes, drug addicts and other vulnerable groups in the city. Another project from Vision Rescue is the Dream Centre, a shelter and transition home for trafficked girls.

Our goal at DMI is to purchase one bus, which is $25,000 and then support that bus each year. If you'd like to join us in supporting this cause, click the make a difference button below.


another shot prison program

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