Partnership with Dave Martin International equips people locally and internationally to have hope for the future and gives them the opportunity to succeed in life. We are very intentional about giving back. A few of our causes are listed below.

·         Detroit Church Relaunch is a brand new initiative to relaunch and rebuild one of Detroit’s greatest churches

·        Providing feminine products to girls in need in Uganda so they can get an education with Keep A Girl in School   

·         Educating and feeding street children in India through the innovative bus outreach of Vision Rescue

·         Continuing support for Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts to build back churches after the devastating storms of 2017

·         Another Shot Prison Program where DMI donates books and coaching programs to inmates, providing tools to change destructive patterns and transform their lives

You may choose to give to one of these specific causes, or your direct gift to Dave Martin International will be used to help fund these outreach opportunities.  You can make a one-time gift or become a Monthly Partner of DMI with your reoccurring gift.

Your financial support impacts thousands around the world and makes it possible for us to reach people with the message of hope for the future and the funding to make a difference. THANK YOU!

Detroit Church Relaunch

Our newest ministry project!!  A city that was known for its innovation and its manufacturing suffered one of the greatest devastations following the economic crash almost a decade ago.  This city that once had thriving businesses and manufacturing plants, new buildings and growing churches was left abandoned by over 1,2M people!  Left with 1/2 the population and few jobs to be found the city quickly became a barren place.  This left houses, buildings and yes, even churches abandoned.  Churches from every denomination were being abandoned and even the Catholic Church started moving out. In a move unprecedented in U.S. Catholic history, they closed 43 churches, representing almost a third of Detroit’s Catholic parishes.  The crumbling, burnt-out buildings  can be seen as you drive through the streets of Detroit.  Landmarks that once provided hope are now simply gutted and empty buildings with no sign of life.

This is where Dave Martin Intl steps in.  We see something that cant be seen with the natural eye right now.  We see what Detroit will be once again!  We see the signs of life as God is restoring and rebuilding Detroit businesses, families AND churches!!  We feel that it is our mission to rebuild one of the greatest churches of Detroit.  A place of hope and light and life is now struggling to keep the lights on and maintain its building.  We are bringing LIFE back to Detroit and we are asking you to partner with us in prayer and in giving as we endeavor to REBUILD DETROIT.  Join with us for this incredible journey and lets see how God can use each of us to bring hope and life back to this city!

Your gift is the miracle these girls must have to help them create the future they dream of. For only $75 you can CHANGE A LIFE, restore a young girl’s dignity, and keep her in school for the next year. Please STOP RIGHT NOW and help us help others.

Thank you for being a part of the solution!