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The Force of Favor - Personal Coaching System

As you watch and listen to these personal coaching sessions, you will discover strategic keys to unlock incredible, God-given favor in your life.  You may need favor on your job, with your spouse, with your child, in your finances or in your health.  God's desire is for us to increase in favor in every area of our lives.

This series will teach you the source of favor and seven ways to increase favor in your personal journey.  Along with many other vital principles, you will learn favor is a reward, favor is a lifestyle and favor will always bring you to the top.  Get ready to receive an outpouring of favor!

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The Game plan

30 Days to a personalized life plan! Join Dave Martin and his brilliant coaching team for 30 days as they provide encouragement, practical advice and a game plan for succeeding in life. The Coaching Team includes Joel Osteen, Sam Chand, Simon T. Bailey, AmyK Hutchens, Keith Craft, Pat Williams and many other recognized experts.

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12 Traits of the Greats - Personal Coaching System - Digital USB

This is the USB version
Ideal for use on Tablets & Smart Phones (Apple & Droid Compatible)
12 Audio Sessions
12 Video Session
Ebook of The 12 Traits of the Greats Book
& Digital Workbook

This Personal Coaching System provides specialized instructions for each trait, reinforcing and expanding on what you have learned in the 12 Traits of the Greats book and workbook.