Are You On Auto Pilot?

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Are You On Auto Pilot?

Humans. We are all creatures of habit. Pattern and repetition, repetition and pattern, over and over.

I recently moved to a new house in a new part of town. I am finding my way around the new area, learning the ins and outs of the new shopping plazas where I run my weekly errands. 

Last week, on two separate occasions, I had to make a trip to a certain store in my old neighborhood. Both times, without even thinking about it, I found myself back at my old house, not realizing it until I was pulling in the driveway.

I was a human auto-pilot.

It made me think two things.  First - I thought about how the new owners must think I am a real creep, haha! Secondly, it made me really think about the nature of habits. 

This isn't a profound post based on hours of research and contemplating. Most blogs usually aren't. My favorite blogs are the ones that just make you stop and think for a second about something you wouldn't ordinarily think about. 

So, that leads me to my thought for today. Habits can come in three forms - good, bad, or maybe just neutral. Good, bad, or indifferent. 

We like to categorize habits as good or bad. Driving to the old house that I was used to driving to really wasn't a good or bad thing. While my husband may argue that I should have been paying closer attention if I was behind the wheel, the fact that I ended up at my old house really wasn't harmful to myself or anyone else. 

Is it a habit I want to break?  Yes. Is it a bad habit? Not necessarily.  

The key to this whole thought is really the fact that habits can come in various shapes and forms. But being self aware and recognizing habits - good, bad, seemingly meaningless, or those with incredible implications - is the key to any sort of development or growth.  

Sometimes it might take ending up in the wrong place a couple times to really become self-aware.  

Don't let yourself go in to auto drive. Take some time - daily, weekly, monthly - to take a look at the things you do. Figure out the good and the bad, and then adjust where you need to adjust.