A Leap Of Faith

The Greek philosopher Sophocles said,

“Heaven never helps the man who will not act.”

And it’s amazing how some things have never changed. The key to success some 2500 years ago when Sophocles wrote these words is the same key that brings success in today’s world. Actions speak louder than words.

At some point, a person must stop planning, stop talking, stop thinking, and actually do something to move his life forward. In life, nothing happens until somebody pulls the trigger or presses the button, and nobody will actually do these kinds of things without the will to act and the courage that compels it.

If you have ever paid close attention, you may notice that most people will do just about anything to avoid taking action. They will talk, they will plan, they will prepare, and they will organize. They will think, they will pray, they will seek counsel, and they will do research. But too many people spend their entire lives doing anything but taking action, because they lack the courage to take that vital step. They spend their years procrastinating, because they are afraid to actually take the leap of faith.

Do you subconsciously avoid the possibility of failure by refusing to take action? Do you tell yourself that you are moving forward with your big plans for life while you know deep inside that you aren’t? God will help you in your pursuit of a noble dream, and others will help you too. But nobody will help you until you first help yourself, until you rise to the challenge and do something to actually move your life forward.


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