Money is not good or evil in itself. But while one man may use money to do evil in the world, another man may use money to do good. Perhaps the greatest power that money possesses, therefore, is the power to reveal the hidden desires of people’s hearts.

For instance, if two brothers should suddenly inherit a million dollars apiece, the first brother might give half his inheritance to charity and use the other half to improve the quality of life for his family. But the other brother might quit his job, divorce his wife, and start living the “high life” with his drinking buddies. Money doesn’t change people; it simply gives people the power to finally become what they have always wanted to be.

Money has a life of its own. It is attracted to people who treat it well, but it flees from people who abuse it. Those who understand money, who appreciate money, and who have a positive and balanced attitude toward money are those who seem to find it and create more of it. They also are the people who discover the most productive ways to hold onto their money and even leave it for subsequent generations. On the other hand, those who acquire money rapidly, without developing the proper mindset toward it, are those who tend to waste it, squander it, or use it for inappropriate purposes. This is why the rich often get richer and the poor often get poorer.

Wealth was created by God (see Genesis 2:11), so it possesses a certain spiritual nature. It flows toward those who use it well, and it flows away from those who use it poorly. It flows toward those who respect it, value it, and learn how to use it to do worthwhile things. But it flows away from those who think it is nothing more than a portal to instant gratification.


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